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Christian Mackerel

September 2, 2011

GOP hopefuls, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann, resemble swordfish circling under a school of Mackerel, (the Christian right).  And just like Mackerel, the Christian right will be eaten no matter who wins the GOP primary.  Talking points, abortion, and gay marriage are just the lure to bring in that lush school of fish. Let the feeding frenzy begin.


At a time when the country faces dire economic problems like 9% unemployment, and the dollar’s weakness in world markets, the Christian right wingers still think the most important issue is whether a candidate uses the right Jesus speak. This is why the liberal democrats think the Conservative Christian right wing tea-partiers are representative of what’s wrong with America.  This is a political holy war that only runs the business of the country on shore leave. Governing is a hobby for these three. Rarely do they speak to all the people and usually opt to speak only to gatherings of religious leaders. The point being that these religious leaders have influence over millions of Christian sheep who will gladly do whatever they are told to do, being ‘fed’ weekly by their churches and fellow Christians with propaganda destined to send us all backward in time while believing they are occupying the moral high ground.


Christian right wing tea party conservatives may look like the rest of us, but some area of their brain is vastly different. They don’t seem to learn from history, or if they even are aware of history, their personal bias makes them apologize away the fact that Jesus isn’t a litmus test for public office. They refuse to understand that they are not the only faith, or non faith in town. They openly discriminate against gays and atheists, as if it were 70 years ago. If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, I’ve no doubt they’d kill him again.


Having no bearing from which to think other than being told what to think, how could you expect it to be any different? The only hope we have is in their dwindling numbers. As atheists and skeptics grow in number and form more political organizations, the truth will be published, but we have to consider that an investment. Nothing will change the mind of those who have the blood of the lamb stuck in their eye, because it blinds them to the use of reason which is their only tool for survival. A school of mackerel indeed, they swim together in unison, finding safety in numbers without one individual among them.  A collective anti-thought voting bloc.



Mackerel is a fish BTW. I know someone won’t know that.


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