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Christians and Atheists

September 5, 2011

I’ve been on both sides of this fence. I was a Christian of various brands for about 25 years and I know about what they believe and what their book says.

While I never take their side in these debates, which is for quite different reasons than you’d imagine or be willing to accept, I do see their arguments misrepresented much on the internet, yet I’ve never seen a Christian who is able to explain why.

Atheist are just as apt to misrepresent the Christian religious view as Christians are to do the same to atheists. Both sides are just a tad contemptuous of the other, and frankly they should be after all this bad blood between the two plus all the spin-off arguments the subject involves, abortion, gay marriage, and politics just to name some.

The real issue for me is the premise of the Christian argument, not all the seeming logic they build on that premise. If you believe in something that cannot beĀ substantiated at a basic level, e.g. why do you think your particular God exists, then anything else you say about it seems suspect. Even those who try to argue the point of religious doctrine about various real world applications run into a brick wall of misrepresentation from the opposition. It’s what happens after they hit the wall that makes things fall into something resembling a fight between two eight year-old kids.

Christians inevitably will bring science out and whip on it, all the while using one of sciences biggest discoveries, the computer and internet. This really isn’t about science for them, they’ve usually just been cornered by logic and lash out at something they deem precious to atheists. And to be sure there have been some bad science and bad scientists, but it’s still a banal argument.

Most atheists would rather you support your own beliefs with an argument that would convince them of the truth claims you are saying, not just proceed from them as if they are true a priori.

Let’s face it, if you believe in God as the creator of the universe and that he wrote a book explaining himself to mankind, you have some explaining to do. Not everyone will accept this level of ‘evidence’ as true without rigorous proofs. And proofs is what you are sadly lacking. I should say proofs that follow what the garden variety atheist would accept as proof, because one of your more serious faults is your ‘standard of evidence’. Christians will use just about anything to support their argument of God’s existence short of actual convincing evidence, opting rather to make the opposition accept weak circumstantial evidence i.e. feelings, coincidences, interpretation stacked on interpretation, and so forth. The fact is, you simply cannot produce your god no matter how hard you try. So when you hit this wall, it’s all of a sudden about science’s short comings, with phrases like, “well science can’t tell us where the universe comes from either”, and most atheists take the bait and proceed to give out free lessons which are always rejected.

Both have fallen into a non sequitur; an inference that does not follow from the premises. Beating up on science does nothing to bolster your own argument and has nothing to do with it. You’re just pissed that you can’t do a better job of arguing. I don’t consider your lack of being able to argue the existence of God your fault. I consider it your fault that you accept such a notion with little to no evidence and so do my atheist friends.



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