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Republicans vs Ron Paul

September 8, 2011

I’ve been on Facebook most of the morning and have heard and seen the sound bites, or at least those sound bites the news organizations are willing to publish about last nights GOP debate.

One thing stands out like a sore thumb, even though he is creaming Romney and Perry, Ron Paul despite his obvious win gets no coverage at all. Period.

Pre and post debate polls show Ron Paul clearly won the debate last night, by a landslide.

“Paul grabbed first in a MSNBC debate poll, following the Reagan Centennial debate. At approximately 11am ET, nearly 134,000 people have participated in the debate poll. Paul is in first place with 50.3 percent, Romney is in second place with 17.2 percent and Perry is in third place with 14.3 percent. More than 67,000 people have voted for Paul.”

Yet, still no coverage.

The State Column Pro


Mitt Romney 10.35%  (2,876 votes)

Rick Perry 13.19%  (3,666 votes)

Michele Bachmann 3.33%  (926 votes)

Ron Paul 73.13%  (20,327 votes)

Total Votes: 27,795


Fox News has no polls that I’ve been able to find. They’re too busy slamming the president like a pack of hyena’s to bother about the debate.


So why did the GOP accept Ron Paul into their party? Perhaps it was to get some people who are undecided to swing over to their side. If that’s the reason, those people will be more pissed at the GOP than anything else.

Also with Paul being so popular, it sure looks like the GOP is shooting themselves in the foot by not touting him as their front runner. Maybe he’s just not pretty enough.


Either way, from where I sit it’s the best comedy show I’ve seen in a long time. The GOP have to be the larges group of idiots on the planet.


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