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GOP Party of Ignorance

September 9, 2011

Republicans are primarily a phenomenon of the religious right in modern times. A brief look at the GOP presidential hopefuls will verify this. Certainly there are religious people in both parties, but predominately the religious lean to the right of the political spectrum. This affords us a unique look into the practices of religious people, their hopes and dreams and hypocrisies.

Christians in American have long ago rewritten the bible to suit their own view of morality, interpreting scripture at will when the need arises or justification necessitates. Their reinterpretation of biblical concepts are just as flawed as their understanding of the history of the United States, Like this – and this .

Rewriting history is plain to see, but reinterpretation of scripture, or just plain ignoring it when convenient is just as readily seen in their treatment of our current president.

Romans 13:7 and 1 Timothy 2:1-4 teach that governmental leaders are ordained of God and worthy of our respect. We show respect not because the person in government is one we necessarily voted for, or one whose race matches our own, or with whose public policy we agree, but because they are ordained by God.

It’s hard to watch Fox News for even as little as an hour without seeing the above scripture violated numerous times by numerous people.

The Christian right, who fuel the Republican party not only struggle with American history, but don’t even know the foundational doctrine they base their own world view on. This is readily seen in their denial of all things science, such as Rick Perry on Global Warming and Rick Perry on Evolution and On abstinence only birth control . They prefer to spout off against the best possible understanding of our world with their own version of history, morality, and politics. Those few intelligent republicans should be running away from this party and taking as many people with them as they can.

Now here is the truth of the GOP and their religious right base.

Listen up, this is the man who would be president of these United States, what he truly believes and the heart of his plan for America:

Rick Perry: Economic Crisis Is God’s Way Of Bringing Us Back To Biblical Principles

If the GOP wins the next presidential election it will show without a doubt just how far America has fallen down the deep dark hole of ignorance, deception, pride, and corruption.


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