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Remembering 9/11 isn’t the problem

September 11, 2011

How could anyone forget? Today being the anniversary of 11 September 2001 is just one of those days we’ll never forget. Look around you, it’s everywhere. You couldn’t forget if you tried. Even I, the most unsentimental person living remembers where I was and what I was doing. All this hoopla is simply redundant.

What we should remember is how this happened in the first place, not simply that it happened.

What caused America and Americans to be so hated that people would go to such elaborate means to strike at us? That’s what we should know and remember, however remembering implies that you first have something to remember and Americans simply don’t want to face the truth, so not knowing – how can we remember.

Remember such things as how the CIA helped Saddam Hussein and the Shah of Iran come to power in the first place through military coup. Or how the United States created Afghanistan as a buffer region between Russian and the British provinces, playing loyalty against loyalty in their game of war. We’ve been fucking these people up since the 1960’s.

I’m not providing an excuse for what happened on 9/11. Evil cannot be justified, whether from our enemies, or from ourselves.

I’m just saying that while you’re ‘remembering’ today, try to inject a bit of truth into your overly patriotic thought processes and realize that we called down the lightening, so don’t complain about the thunder.

Pay more attention to who you’re putting into power in this country. Do more critical thinking than selective remembering today and everyday.


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