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Hijacked Christianity

September 16, 2011


All my life church members were considered the pillars of the community, but little did I know that the erosion of their faith was close to its fruition.

Heresy has crept into Christianity and is even now undermining it as we speak. Not the Christianity that we’ve all been accustomed to in our churches, but the outward Christianity put forth by the GOP and especially by the Tea Party.

My 25 years as a Christian were all about Jesus and the gospels, or St. Paul and the apostles. The Old Testament was used as a reference on some points, but the brunt of the teaching was about love, peace, and doing good unto others. Giving more than you were asked to give, taking care of widows and the poor, visiting people in prison, practicing forgiveness and compassion, and turning the other cheek.

Today, these same so called Christians applaud 230 some executions performed in Republican run Texas under GOP front runner Rick Perry. They speak of taking the only means of financial support away from our valued senior citizens, social security, and putting an end to social services that women rely on for health. They do not respect the government when they are not in power and thwart it at every turn in their never ceasing bid to regain the power of congress and the executive office. They leap gleefully into wars without due process or just cause. They openly discriminate against gays and people of ethnic diversity. They rewrite history at will, and when they do mention an historical event it is almost always wrong… not just wrong, but wrong in such a way as to make one wonder if they know anything at all about American history. They deny scientific facts glibly with no education or credentials to support their disdain. Evolution, global warming, vaccinations, and political science are all under attack daily by nothing more than ignorance in the form of piety.

As an atheist, I really hate to tell Christians how to BE Christians, I know how I’d feel if Christians told me how to be a good atheist, but when godless liberal democrats practice the precepts of Christianity better than the Christians do, something is amiss.

Liberal democrats are the people out there fighting for equal rights for all under the constitution, who demand accountability BEFORE going to war, are concerned about women’s health issues and work to protect senior citizens retirement, such as it is.

Liberal democrats seem to be doing the work of the church these days, and that’s fine. I don’t think they actually realize this yet, but so much the better. Some of the biblical teachings are right on; it’s just too bad the party that holds prayer rallies in place of political stumping doesn’t realize that they left the true Christianity behind. They are out in heresy land, and apparently they haven’t stopped talking long enough to realize this quite obvious fact. Perhaps they spend too much time in the Old Testament. Maybe we should all remind them that according to the religion they hold up like a flag, there is a new covenant, one with specific ethical duties that need to be performed in order to make the world a better place.

Hear me Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. What have you got to say to that?

  1. Wamba permalink

    How true. Sad. But true.

  2. Awesome! I’m pleased that there are like-minded souls out there. We have to make a lot of noise. Keep it up.

  3. I’m an agnostic myself, but my nephew is not only a true believer, but has gone to considerable time and trouble to study Christianity – is even ordained, but steadfastly believes that all organized christian churches have departed from Jesus’s true teachings. He and his fellow believers try to emulate early Christians and meet in each others’ homes or in parks [and in his case on nearby beaches] I think they try to come a close as they can to Jesus’s teaching and message.
    Unfortunately, they all tend to be pretty libertarian in their political viewpoints – viewing government much as they do organized religion. They tend to regard me as the crazy uncle you try to keep out of sight of company whenever I try to explain political reality to them.
    Concerning the fundamentalist tea party followers of Perry, Bachman,et al, they have an easy explanation for their unconcern with the condemned and unfortunate: Such persons are damned anyway and should be speeded on their way. As Calvin and Knox [their real religious inspirations] preached: the road to hell is paved with the skulls of unborn [and thus unsaved] infants and God indicates who is saved by making them members of the community of the righteous [Tea Party members in modern terms]

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