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September 23, 2011

Not much of what we hear from the news or public officials these days is anywhere near correct. Take Capitalism for instance. Today Capitalism means survival of the company no matter what. When a company grows to such a degree that it cannot effectively compete with smaller companies who perhaps are more innovative, or more frugal with their capitol, the larger company should, by Capitalism’s standards, become extinct in favor of the more efficient company, but that’s not what’s happening.

Instead of letting Capitalism rule, large companies switch to lobbyists to get special favors from the government for their continued survival. This stifles small business who cannot compete in a fair market environment because the market environment has changed the rules to keep them small or to let them die. The end result is that the consumer is forced to pay whatever the large protected company wants to charge. Where is the competition in that?

Capitalism was never meant to mean that once your company becomes large it is then protected from competition, rather it should be even more susceptible to competition.

Republicans, and especially Tea Party members don’t get this. But seeing how they don’t know much about anything, why is that any shock. Most of the presidential candidates, (which means I’m talking about republicans), are really only interested in being in a position of power in order to give big business their unfair advantage over small business, mainly because there is just no money for them in America’s small business’s. Let’s be honest about it. It takes about 50 million dollars to run effectively for president of the United States, and most of that money comes from big business. So we have then a system which rewards that which destroys Capitalism.

Any questions?

One Comment
  1. In 2008 there was the beginning of a collapse of some of the largest corporations and their financial backers. This was averted and mega-capitalism is today alive and well in America. the basic idea floated at the time was that this rescue would include more rigid oversight – which so far has been ineffectual.
    Despite mega-capital’s efforts, they don’t have it all their way politically and there is some evidence that the electorate are impatient with the situation. If we/they ever get our acts together, we may be able to control and use the benefits of a world-wide economy based on mega-capitalism.
    Concerning the probability of small businesses becoming mega – it happens all the time: consider the Railroads of the 1930’s and the rise of the trucking industry. Or those two guys in that CA garage taking on IBM.

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