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Hijacked Christianity


All my life church members were considered the pillars of the community, but little did I know that the erosion of their faith was close to its fruition.

Heresy has crept into Christianity and is even now undermining it as we speak. Not the Christianity that we’ve all been accustomed to in our churches, but the outward Christianity put forth by the GOP and especially by the Tea Party.

My 25 years as a Christian were all about Jesus and the gospels, or St. Paul and the apostles. The Old Testament was used as a reference on some points, but the brunt of the teaching was about love, peace, and doing good unto others. Giving more than you were asked to give, taking care of widows and the poor, visiting people in prison, practicing forgiveness and compassion, and turning the other cheek.

Today, these same so called Christians applaud 230 some executions performed in Republican run Texas under GOP front runner Rick Perry. They speak of taking the only means of financial support away from our valued senior citizens, social security, and putting an end to social services that women rely on for health. They do not respect the government when they are not in power and thwart it at every turn in their never ceasing bid to regain the power of congress and the executive office. They leap gleefully into wars without due process or just cause. They openly discriminate against gays and people of ethnic diversity. They rewrite history at will, and when they do mention an historical event it is almost always wrong… not just wrong, but wrong in such a way as to make one wonder if they know anything at all about American history. They deny scientific facts glibly with no education or credentials to support their disdain. Evolution, global warming, vaccinations, and political science are all under attack daily by nothing more than ignorance in the form of piety.

As an atheist, I really hate to tell Christians how to BE Christians, I know how I’d feel if Christians told me how to be a good atheist, but when godless liberal democrats practice the precepts of Christianity better than the Christians do, something is amiss.

Liberal democrats are the people out there fighting for equal rights for all under the constitution, who demand accountability BEFORE going to war, are concerned about women’s health issues and work to protect senior citizens retirement, such as it is.

Liberal democrats seem to be doing the work of the church these days, and that’s fine. I don’t think they actually realize this yet, but so much the better. Some of the biblical teachings are right on; it’s just too bad the party that holds prayer rallies in place of political stumping doesn’t realize that they left the true Christianity behind. They are out in heresy land, and apparently they haven’t stopped talking long enough to realize this quite obvious fact. Perhaps they spend too much time in the Old Testament. Maybe we should all remind them that according to the religion they hold up like a flag, there is a new covenant, one with specific ethical duties that need to be performed in order to make the world a better place.

Hear me Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. What have you got to say to that?


Real Estate Blues

My parents own a nice home in a retirement community.  It’s not worth a lot of money after the housing adjustment, but I think it one of the best on the market in that area.  I’ve painted the entire interior,  and replaced all the flooring except the two bedrooms and a small sun room.  I replaced some plumbing and the kitchen sink and fixtures as well.

I interviewed several real estate agents before deciding on one. I picked her because she was very successful and well-connected.  I ended up with one of the sellers agents in her office. I nice gentleman, but not very aggressive.

That was three-months ago.

I knew that the wall paper in the kitchen and dinning room was a bit loud….yet tasteful, but it seems that the wall paper is killing the sales. My agent said it is a negotiating point to which I agreed, however when selling to senior citizens, negotiations are rarely an option. These folks are used to getting exactly what they pay for, and it better be perfect. I think the agent should know this.

I see this as a problem due to the fact that I interview this real estate agent and specifically brought up this point about the wall paper.  At no time in the subsequent 3 months that he’s had the listing has he recommended that I do something about the wall paper. Incidentally, I am currently in the process of painting over the vinyl wall paper and repairing it.

There is another agent who lives in the development who sells most of the properties there. I didn’t know about him before I decided to list. He has shown the house many times.  I have spoken with him on several occasions and have gotten the straight poop on what’s going on there.

Here are some of the things I’ve heard.

  • 1. Agent cards on premises. I never see my agent’s card, but I see lots of others.
  • 2. Reports of not returning calls to show the house.
  • 3. People are going to the home owners association to get someone to show the house.
  • 4. Another real estate agent said he provided feed back through Centralized Showing Services, that there were visible leaks on the ceiling. Yet I received no email or phone call from my agent about this. That was 5 days ago.
  • 5. I have to get feed back from agents myself about why the prospective buyer didn’t like the house.
I'm in the process of verifying these allegations with members of the home owners association as we speak.
I have three months left on my sellers agreement, which put's it out to Dec 10th. If the allegations prove to be true, I plan to have a meeting with my agent and the broker in charge of his office
and request they let me out of the contract with out the $1500 fee. I do not think I have been served properly. I may, if they are true, elect to violate the contract with a strong warning that if
they pursue this matter with regard to collecting said $1500, that they may do so, but they would probably lose, (that's more of a bluff I think).
First though I need to verify what I've heard. 

Any thoughts?

I just spoke to the vice president of the home owners association who had just concluded a meeting. He said that no one had been approached by any buyer needing to see the home. So perhaps this 
other real estate agent is trying to undercut my agent in order to get the listing. I plan to have him prove to me that he even turned in a report about the leaky roof tomorrow.
This ain't over.

Rage Against The Machine

I suffer from a particular kind of insanity. I believe the world should be a good place, where people want to do what is right and good. However, like Solomon, all I find is vanity, corrupt politicians, greedy corporations, ignorant religions, and self-centered people. Therefore I must be insane. Perhaps I just have too much time on my hands to think about things. I see people doing what they have to do every day, like working at their jobs, taking care of kids, and I wonder if they ever wonder why the world is so fucked up.

It builds up a rage in me and I wonder just how much we humans can collectively take of the bullshit that goes on around us every day. Then I’m reminded that not everyone feels the way I feel about it, thus my self diagnosis: insanity. I wonder why people don’t take up torches and pitchforks and storm down Wall Street on a killing rampage. Or why millions of Americans don’t surround the halls of Congress and rip the throats out of all the rats who daily sell us down the river.

Once I thought that it was just a byproduct of aging. I’m 53 now and maybe you get jaded as you get older, but I remember when I was 16 years old thinking the exact same thing. I even went so far as to pack my bags and prepare to find some south Pacific island where I would spend the rest of my life alone. Imagine how pissed I was to find that there are no uninhabited south Pacific islands, unless you like living somewhere the Navy uses as a shooting range.

I’m forced to think that I’ve always been this way, and it’s a mystery to me why that is. What happened to me in my childhood that was so hard to take or understand that it made me into this anomaly of a person? I suspect there are others who feel likewise, but I’m not sure. Most people just get comfy deep in the rabbit’s fur, but I stand atop one hair with my arms stretched out seeking something, but I don’t know what.

People tell me to chill out and accept that this is the way the world is. They say get some help, see a therapist. Well let me tell you, I will not chill out, and I’d rather zone out on drugs than let some headshrinker lull me into acceptance of what appears to me to be pure evil. I’ll never accept it, and I won’t chill out about it. My integrity is the only thing I have and I simply won’t let it go until I die.

I don’t believe in God, especially the Christian God. Don’t get me wrong, I wish it were true, I wish there were some being out there who will make everything right. A reckoning needs to happen. But I look at what their belief is based upon and it just doesn’t make any sense. I look at Christians and only find more vanity, self-centeredness, and evil. They aren’t any different than the rest of the world, maybe a bit more ignorant, but everyone who finds some sugar coating for the evil that surrounds us is ignorant in my opinion. Reality is real and if you don’t deal with it then you get the world we live in; a shithole.

So my choices are simple, either live with the rage inside, find something to distract me from it, or die. I’ll die eventually, and zoning out isn’t possible for me, so I guess I’m just left with living with it.

I’d sure like to know that I’m not alone though.

Remembering 9/11 isn’t the problem

How could anyone forget? Today being the anniversary of 11 September 2001 is just one of those days we’ll never forget. Look around you, it’s everywhere. You couldn’t forget if you tried. Even I, the most unsentimental person living remembers where I was and what I was doing. All this hoopla is simply redundant.

What we should remember is how this happened in the first place, not simply that it happened.

What caused America and Americans to be so hated that people would go to such elaborate means to strike at us? That’s what we should know and remember, however remembering implies that you first have something to remember and Americans simply don’t want to face the truth, so not knowing – how can we remember.

Remember such things as how the CIA helped Saddam Hussein and the Shah of Iran come to power in the first place through military coup. Or how the United States created Afghanistan as a buffer region between Russian and the British provinces, playing loyalty against loyalty in their game of war. We’ve been fucking these people up since the 1960’s.

I’m not providing an excuse for what happened on 9/11. Evil cannot be justified, whether from our enemies, or from ourselves.

I’m just saying that while you’re ‘remembering’ today, try to inject a bit of truth into your overly patriotic thought processes and realize that we called down the lightening, so don’t complain about the thunder.

Pay more attention to who you’re putting into power in this country. Do more critical thinking than selective remembering today and everyday.

Zombie Invasion For Real

The problem with zombies is that in order to kill them, you have to shoot their brains or otherwise disconnect their brain from their bodies. I fully realize that some lazy film makers have included hacking and shooting them just about anywhere on their bodies to kill them, but that’s not the classic story at all. You have to sever their heads or otherwise destroy their brains or they’ll just keep coming after you even if they have to crawl by a finger. So when I say kill a zombie, I’m referring to destroying their brains or severing it from their body.

There is a culture out there who love zombies. They have devoted much literature and film to the horror cult. It’s fun and a very fertile field for comedy with that ‘gross you out’ feel to it. Good stuff. However there are actual zombies out there and they are among us.

These zombies are not the kind you see in films or literature at all, the zombies I speak of are ‘zombie ideas’. That absolutely living dead idea that simply won’t die.

This kind of zombie idea is particularly hard to kill for the simple reason that it has no brain. It may seem like it does because these zombie ideas mimic reason, but if you follow the reason far enough you find that it was simply a phenomenon of words. It always ends in thoughtlessness.

Zombie ideas still eat brains though. Let them into your home and sooner or later they will suck the grey matter right out of your skull. BEWARE.

They are growing in numbers too. You may not be aware of their existence because unlike the zombie’s of horror cult fiction they don’t look any different than you or I, and I’m not too sure about you.

So you’re saying, “Eckthelion, how can I tell if I have zombies around me if they look just like the rest of us?” Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

You see, because they look just like you or I you must test them, but be wary because they can pass this test if you don’t do it right. Furthermore, you are most vulnerable when conducting this test. Please test with caution.

Remember one important thing; you may not be able to kill zombie ideas, they are very resilient and the use of reason has no effect on them, but in fact can put you in extreme danger if you attempt to use reason. The best you can hope for is to make them go away.

I’m taking a huge risk myself in telling you this because zombie ideas have taken over Xanga. Sure, it’s only online, but the most terrible thing about zombie ideas is that they can eat your brains even through the internet. YES, you heard me right, in fact the internet is their preferred method of feeding.


Okay, here is the preferred method of testing for zombie ideas.

1. Write a post about evolution, skepticism, or just about anything scientific.

2. Check your comments often, but be careful in responding to the comments, that’s when they grab your head and begin to gnaw through your skull to get those delicious brains of yours.

3. Identify zombie idea carriers.

4. (this is the most important step)  Don’t respond.

Now you’re equipped to handle the most heinous zombie ideas.

Remember, don’t engage them too long or it’ll be too late.

Good luck, and God speed.

GOP Party of Ignorance

Republicans are primarily a phenomenon of the religious right in modern times. A brief look at the GOP presidential hopefuls will verify this. Certainly there are religious people in both parties, but predominately the religious lean to the right of the political spectrum. This affords us a unique look into the practices of religious people, their hopes and dreams and hypocrisies.

Christians in American have long ago rewritten the bible to suit their own view of morality, interpreting scripture at will when the need arises or justification necessitates. Their reinterpretation of biblical concepts are just as flawed as their understanding of the history of the United States, Like this – and this .

Rewriting history is plain to see, but reinterpretation of scripture, or just plain ignoring it when convenient is just as readily seen in their treatment of our current president.

Romans 13:7 and 1 Timothy 2:1-4 teach that governmental leaders are ordained of God and worthy of our respect. We show respect not because the person in government is one we necessarily voted for, or one whose race matches our own, or with whose public policy we agree, but because they are ordained by God.

It’s hard to watch Fox News for even as little as an hour without seeing the above scripture violated numerous times by numerous people.

The Christian right, who fuel the Republican party not only struggle with American history, but don’t even know the foundational doctrine they base their own world view on. This is readily seen in their denial of all things science, such as Rick Perry on Global Warming and Rick Perry on Evolution and On abstinence only birth control . They prefer to spout off against the best possible understanding of our world with their own version of history, morality, and politics. Those few intelligent republicans should be running away from this party and taking as many people with them as they can.

Now here is the truth of the GOP and their religious right base.

Listen up, this is the man who would be president of these United States, what he truly believes and the heart of his plan for America:

Rick Perry: Economic Crisis Is God’s Way Of Bringing Us Back To Biblical Principles

If the GOP wins the next presidential election it will show without a doubt just how far America has fallen down the deep dark hole of ignorance, deception, pride, and corruption.

Australopithecus sediba

New Fossils May Redraw Human Ancestry

Published: September 8, 2011

“An apelike creature with human features, whose fossil bones were discovered recently in a South African cave, is the most plausible known ancestor of archaic and modern humans, the scientists who discovered the fossils say.

The claim, if accepted, would radically redraw the present version of the human family tree, placing the new fossil species in the center. The new species, called Australopithecus sediba, would dislodge Homo habilis, the famous tool-making fossil found by Louis and Mary Leakey, as the immediate human ancestor.

Paleontologists agree that the new fossils, discovered by Lee Berger of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, are of great significance. But they do not necessarily agree with Dr. Berger’s contention, published Thursday in five articles in Science, that the fossils are on the main line of human evolution. As is common in the field of paleoanthropology, the discoverer of a new fossil is seeking to place it on the direct line of human descent, while others are resisting that interpretation.”

Full article here.  New York Times – Science